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Q: Do I need to make a reservation to visit Drinkhouse Fire & ice or can I just show up?

A: While walk-ups are always welcome, we recommend reservations especially on the weekends as we typically sell out. Please anticipate a line if you come on the weekends without a reservation. Pre-Purchased Vouchers: Please make a reservation. Please note you do not need to enter your pre-purchased voucher number in the reservation slot. Please bring either a printed copy of your deal or bring in on your phone. We will redeem it when you arrive. You are required to pay tax and tip (as explained in the small print on your deal) when you arrive.

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: It’s easy… Visit our website (which you are already on) and book the ice bar. You will need to put in your name, date, party size, and time you’d like to visit the ice bar.

Q: Do I need to pay beforehand?

A: No! You can pay when you visit us at the ice bar! You can also upgrade your package, and choose different options when you arrive at the Ice bar.

Q: I didn’t receive a confirmation email?

A: Often times confirmation emails are sent to spam or a junk folder, so please check there. Our emails are sent via an automated system so occasionally it does not work but that does not mean you don’t have a reservation. If you would like further confirmation please call us at 305 534 2423.

Q: Is it ok to enter the bar when you’re pregnant?

A: Yes! The ice bar poses no health risks to mothers to be! (P.S. Congrats!)

Q: Are you open all year round? What are your hours?

A: We are open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. We are also open on select Mondays & Tuesdays throughout the year. Wednesday & Thursday we are open from 8PM till about 1AM. Friday & Saturday we are open from 6PM till 2AM, and Sunday we are open from 6PM until about 1AM. (Please note we will occasionally close for holidays, private events, and acts of the universe)

Q: I would like to book a large party?

A: Our events and marketing team coordinate and execute countless corporate and private events… We offer many different packages for large groups of 10 and above and can also create custom events based on your party, size, and date.

Q: What can you do for birthdays?

A: As an ideal location for birthday parties we do our best to make it extra special. However, no food, cake, or helium is permitted inside the Ice Bar. With that said, we do offer countless packages for parties of 10 and above, along with cake & food options to be enjoyed in the fire lounge. Please call our reservation line, 305 534 2423, to find out more about these carefully curated packages.

Q: Are kids under 21 welcome at the Ice bar?

A: Yes, of course! The Ice bar is a unique and fun experience for kids and families. Kids under 21 are welcome to visit the Ice bar Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6PM-8PM. If you'd like to come with Kids on a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday please call us. If you are interested in hosting a birthday or celebration for kids, please contact us at 305 534 2423.

Q: Can I stay in there longer than 40 minutes?

A: Reservations are limited to 40-minute slots. However, during the week (Sunday-Thursday) guests are often welcome to stay longer. On the weekends (Friday & Saturday) due to high demand we limit guests to their 40-minute time slot. Occasionally, guests may stay longer on the weekends. Most guests find this to be plenty of time considering it’s an icey cold ice bar

Q: Can I smoke inside the bar?

A: No, smoking is not permitted inside the venue. Guests are welcome to enjoy a smoke outside. Could you imagine what our designer fur coats would smell like if we allowed smoking?

Q: Can I keep the Ice Glass?

A: Occasionally, guests try to keep their ice glasses… However, they are made of ice and this is Miami so as soon as you go outside you will find that they have a tendency to melt… therefore, we do not bring ice glasses out of the ice bar!

Q: Is the floor made of ice?

A: Everything in the ice bar is made of ice…well, except the floor! We don’t want you slipping!

Q: What should I wear and do I have to change my shoes?

A: We provide you with faux fur designer coats, hats, gloves which you will wear over your normal clothes. For shoes, we do recommend closed toe shoes but they are not required. We do offer socks and shoes if necessary, but heels are not always permitted. Most people find this to be perfect protection from the cold temperatures but if you would like you are welcome to bring additional winter clothes or an extra layer.

Q: Automatic tax & tip?

A: The city of Miami Beach charges 9% tax which is automatically included on everyone’s bill. We also include an 20% service charge for our venue and employees.

Q: Can I take photographs in the Ice Bar?

A: Absolutely! Please make sure to tag us in your photos (#sobefireice). Please note photos are not for publication (personal use only!)

Q: What happens after the Ice Bar?

A: Come hang with us in the Fire lounge! Try out experimental cocktails!

Q: Can we purchase cocktails inside the bar?

A: Due to low temperature (computers don’t work) we ask that all drinks are purchased before entering the ice bar, at the hostess stand as part of your package. Due to cold temperatures, a limited selection of liquor and mixers provided. Beer and soda are not sold in the ice bar.

Q: Can I use special vouchers?

A: Yes, but they must be purchased 24 hours in advance and you must make a reservation to use the voucher. Vouchers are subject to regular tax and a service charge (gratuity).

By entering into the Ice Bar you are acknowledging that the walls, bar, tables, and glasses are all made of ice. You may not stand, dance, jump, or kick the ice for whatever reason.

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